I Write Bad Elixir. So Do You!

I feel that we're not writing Elixir correctly. We spend too much time copying the old ways of doing things, and ot enough time bending the tools to make our lives better.

Why the Future is Parallel

I've known that the future of software development will require writing parallel applications, but I never knew the underlying reason until I did some research.

Agile is Dead

Goto Amsterdam, 2015

We seem to have forgotten what agility is all about. As one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, this distresses me.

This talk is a (slightly cynical) analysis of the forces that are destroying the meaning of agility, and a suggestion on how we should recapture it.


Ruby Rogues, 2015

The Rogues are great to chat with, so this one ranges far and wide.

Closing Keynote

RubyConf Australia, 2013

What makes a language special? Why do we love some of them, and not others? Here I look at some of the ways that the quirkiness of Ruby helps to endear it to its users.

Elixir—The Power of Erlang, the Joy of Ruby

Goto Conference, Chicago, 2014

An introduction to Elixir, and why I think it is important. (Sorry about the camera work—outside my control.)

Elixir Fountain

Discussion in September 2015

Pragmatic Publishing

Think, Make, Sell podcast

This one's a little different. TMS is a series for entrepreneurs. In this episode, we talk about the ideas behind The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Agile Toolkit Podcast with Bob Payne

RailsEdge 2007

About Ruby, and communities, and having fun.

Lone Star RubyConf, 2009

The Ruby Object Model

Scotland on Rails, 2009

Just how does Ruby do all it’s magic? In a large part it’s down to a remarkably simply and elegant object model.

Elixir and Functional Programming

Hack & Heckle, Interview at Yow 2015

My Dog Taught Me To Code

Lone Star Ruby, 2015

A whirlwind tour through 30 things I think about when coding.

Software Archeology

Software Engineering Radio, 2009

Developer on Fire, 2015

Dave Rael and I chat about new ways of thinking that shake things up, a history of delivery, balance in doing vs delegating, and escaping local maxima.