After a hellacious trip across to Norway for rOOts (note to self: never fly Lufthansa transatlantic), the return came as a pleasant relief. Not only was the SAS flight half-empty, letting me claim an entire center row to myself, but their new A340 had something I hadn’t seen before: nose and belly cameras wired into the seat-back video displays.

A couple of touch screen menu picks, and I had one seat-back looking forward, one looking down, and a third on the moving map. It says something about the state of mind that you get in to on long flights that I started playing a game, trying to tie moving map features up with the downward-pointing camera. It turned out to be easy (which I guess is what you’d expect): just as the moving map said we were over the coast of Iceland, a rocky shoreline scrolled beneath us. Coming across Canada approaching the Great Lakes, most of the larger rivers on the map seemed to tie in with what I was seeing below. Looking out the front and seeing the runway appear through the murk during our final in to O’Hare was a nice way to end the trip. +1 SAS.

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