Talks and Interviews

Agile is Dead

Goto Amsterdam, 2015

I Write Bad Elixir. So Do You!

Why the Future is Parallel

I've known that the future of software development will require writing parallel applications, but I never knew the underlying reason until I did some research.


Ruby Rogues, 2015

Between Two Daves

Goto Conference, Chicago, 2014

Elixir Fountain

Discussion in September 2015

Pragmatic Publishing

Think, Make, Sell podcast

Agile Toolkit Podcast with Bob Payne

RailsEdge 2007

About Ruby, and communities, and having fun.

Lone Star RubyConf, 2009

The Ruby Object Model

Scotland on Rails, 2009

My Dog Taught Me To Code

Lone Star Ruby, 2015

Software Archeology

Software Engineering Radio, 2009

Developer on Fire, 2015