RailsConf in Chicago (June 22-25) promises to be an exciting affair. And it looks as if there’ll be a number of people coming who are fairly new to Rails.

So Mike and Nicole Clark and I were sitting down after a day of teaching a Rails Studio, and we came up with an idea. We’ll be running a one-day course before the conference. It is designed to bring newcomers to Rails up to speed, both with the framework and with Ruby.

We’re calling it the Rails Guidebook. Think of it as the difference between between turning up somewhere exotic knowing nothing about the language, customs, and places to visit, and turning up having spent a small amount of time reading a guide book. Hopefully, a day spent with us will make the rest of the conference more enjoyable (and informative).

We’re not charging for the Guidebook—it’s our way of saying “thank you” to the community. Instead, we’re asking folks to donate to charity before they come. Space is limited, so you might want to book early. (And, the top 3 contributors will get some perks…)

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