No, I’m not stuttering. This evening, at the Software Development Jolt Awards at SD West in Santa Clara, Agile Web Development with Rails received the Jolt Award for best technical book, and Rails 1.0 won the Jolt for best web development tools.

I have to say, when I saw that both the book and the framework were up for awards, I was nervous, thinking that the judges might not want to vote for Rails in two separate categories. The fact that they did says a lot for the way Rails is now a mainstream player in the enterprise software world. It’s clear the tipping point is behind us now, and we’re a player.

Congratulations to DHH on his Jolt. And congratulations to the Pragmatic Bookshelf: this is our second Jolt Award in three years.

And, mostly, thanks to the Ruby community for providing the environment in which all this can happen. I’m really proud of us all.

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