Rails Guidebook

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RailsConf 2006 is in its final day, and I just realized that I hadn’t blogged on Rails Guidebook

The Guidebook was a preconference event. For a day before the conference proper started, attendees got an introduction to all the stuff that’d be hearing about in the following days. It was a combination of a tutorial and a glossary. We didn’t charge. Instead, the cost of admission was a contribution to charity.

The Rails community raised over $8,000

This is wonderful stuff, and Mike and I thank everyone who made it possible: the Ruby Central folks who agreed to add a day to the agenda, Jay Zimmerman for organizing the facilities, the core team members and other experts who turned up to help, Mike and Nicole for doing all the Guidebook logistics, and, more importantly, the folks who turned up and contributed.

A Challenge

If you’re already organizing a conference, adding a guidebook day ahead of it isn’t a great incremental cost. So, here’s a challenge to conference organizers. Let’s start a tradition of these types of charitable events. Let’s make a point of sharing some of our success with others. Not only does it do some good—it’s fun.