My first music composition

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For Thee

A while back, I was asked during an interview what I’d do if I had three months off. I said I’d take piano lessons.

Well, my wife read that and very sweetly got me some. And then reality hit home. I really do have totally uncoordinated hands. I try to play, but I’m getting nowhere.

At the same time, I still enjoy noodling around with music. So my piano teacher (in a move motivated by self-preservation, no doubt) suggested we should look at composition instead. And I’ve been having a whole bunch of fun ever since.

But then Chad Fowler reminds me that the test is having it heard, which is kind of scary. But here’s my first piece. Be gentle…

(Update: people asked for the transcription: it’s here. Some of the pedal marks are screwy: I’m using Encore, and it seems to move them around every time I save. I might well end up going back to Sibelius. Forgive any amateur mistakes.)