Almost 10 years ago, Ze Frank gave a Ted talk that contained a reading of 419 scam email.

I’ve been getting a couple of “let us write for you” emails a day. Most are just a little sad. But, when you consider that they are actually asking to add content to my site, I think the following deserves a special mention. Try reading it aloud. With feeling.

Hi Mr. Thomas,

Trust me you are doing Great!!!

Came through your site through search engine and found it to be great medium to promote the courses that might be beneficial for the user.

So, want to share mine post via Guest Blogging on your site. It will be purely unique and request you to kindly review and peroxide us an opportunity to feature our blog on your site. It will been written by our director i.e Mr. Diwakar, he has wide range of experience and has served big brands in same domain….

Thanks, Robert Steven

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