If I’ve been distracted recently, it’s because Andy and I’ve been heads-down getting our third book finalized. When we first started Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit, we though it would be a fairly light rework of the JUnit book. We were wrong. Instead, we’ve found that we’ve rewritten entire chapters, and heavily modified much of the rest.

The good news is that with this book we’re absolutely at the leading edge. We were tracking the NUnit team as they added whole new sets of features (check out categories as a great way of grouping tests), and Andy’s been working closely with Charlie Poole (thanks, Charlie!) to make sure we’ve been capturing the spirit of what they’re releasing.

We’ve also decided to try an experiment: this time we’re releasing the PDF version while the paper book is going into production. Folks who buy the PDF now will be able to get the standard combo discount ($12.50) on the paper book when it arrives from the printers.

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