15 Articles

Running RT-11 and Macro-11

We Reached the Station

A personal milestone: the release of the first Agile Web Development with Rails

Putting Code in Python Documentation

Putting Code in Books

The Pragmatic Studio

The launch of The Pragmatic Studio

Thanks to all my Fans

The whir of fans means something's cooking

The New LaTeX Companion

A review of The LaTeX Companion

Why I Like Scripting Languages, Reason #259

We're in Borders!

The decline of the physical bookstore has robbed authors of one of the most thrilling things they'll experience: seeing their title on a shelf and for sale for the first time

A Milestone Reached

The bookshelf publishes our first book for an outside author

We Got a Jolt Award!

A productivity award for our starter kit

Our Third Title!

The bookshelf releases a new book

My Kind of Warranty

why the luck stiff's warranty

Tangled Up In Packing Tape

The launch of the Pragmatic Bookshelf site

Prowling the ruins of ancient software

Famous programs from just a generation or two ago are in danger of disappearing from human ken, forever.