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Elixir Project Structure

Enough already with project templates that look like the 1960's org chart for MegaCorp

Just used a cool regexp trick in Ruby

Epic Cover

Ruby 1.9 can check your indentation

Forking Ruby—my RubyConf Keynote is now up

See Rails request paths in 'top'

Fun with Ruby 1.9 Regular Expressions

Fun with Procs in Ruby 1.9

Silly Ruby 1.9 trivia

Screencasting Ruby Metaprogramming

Shoulda used this earlier


Fun with Ruby 1.9 File Encodings

Playing with a Testing Library

Pipelines Using Fibers in Ruby 1.9—Part II

Superators: neat Ruby hack

Quick Ruby Quiz

ongoing by Tim Bray · Shiny Red Rock

Tim Bray's early take on Ruby

Putting Code in Books

Why I Like Scripting Languages, Reason #259

Reasons to Like Scripting Languages, #134

Extracting help and usage information from comments

Construction Methods

Don't override your constructors. Use construction methods.

Dynamically Scoped Variables

Adding dynamically scoped variables to Ruby