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Where Does State Live?

Small is Beautiful—The Component Library

Using Components to Build a Real World Elixir Assembly

Running Elixir Tests in Visual Studio Code/ElixirLS

Elixir Project Structure

Enough already with project templates that look like the 1960's org chart for MegaCorp

Dynamix Supervisors replace :simple_one_for_one

Using iex's open() command with Emacs multiterm

I can now open Elixir source files from inside iex, and have them pop up in an Emacs buffer alongside my terminal buffer.

Splitting APIs, Servers, and Implementations in Elixir

I think the conventional way of structuring Elixir code could be improved by paying more attention to decoupling.

Put This in Your Pipe(line)

An Elixir Project Generator

(Over)using with in Elixir 1.2

A Simple Elixir Macro

Thinking in Transforms—Handling Options

Implementing options as functions, and not flags, simplifies a bunch of code

Elixir: state machines, metaprogramming, and generating tests

Pattern Matching and Parsing

Elixir Wordl from Ganesan Janarthanam