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Class factories in Coffeescript

Reactive systems have no top

In which a dog points out I was writing megalomanic classes

The 'Language' in Domain-Specific Language Doesn't Mean English (or French, or Japanese, or ...)

Target DSLs at the jargon of its users

Test Driven or Test First?

Mechanism and Policy

There is no one-best-way to design interfaces. Instead there is mechanism and there is policy

Construction Methods

Don't override your constructors. Use construction methods.

Dynamically Scoped Variables

Adding dynamically scoped variables to Ruby

The Joy of Lego

Can we build systems with emergent behavior which are safe by adding invariants and contracts?

First Kill the Architects

Why do we think about architecture, and should we bother?

Topless Systems, Naked Objects

Some implications of the idea that "real systems have no top"

The Absence of Grace